Saturday, May 14, 2011

Interested in great music- just listen to these singers and enjoy!

Back from the BBQ I have to share yesterday´s great music of the
Wiener Festwochen-part 2 opening ceremony


Carmina Burana-Orff O Fortuna

Not classical but cool;)
Do you like Chilli con Carne? Listen!

Here an interesting interpretation of a children song and below the original song

Here the children song:

Mozart´s Zauberflöte


  1. You left here a good amount of wonderful music! A plate full of sound! :))
    I will listen to everything during the weekend because the weather is bad here and I won't be able to walk around the river...
    Have a wonderful Sunday, honey!
    Beijos, queijos, flores, songs and love.


  2. Hi Teca! I hope to be able to post some other choirs of the opening ceremony soon. Have to wait till someone posts it on youtube- you´ll see, this opening is worth being listened to;) ...music is soooo relaxing. The next days you´ll find some videos about the European song contest I´m watching at the moment;) Have a great evening- and enjoy your weekend despite the bad weather. Beijos, queijos and great music!

  3. What a beauty this concert! I'm delighted with the music you're showing us. Should be a fantastic fun! Make the most!
    I'll be waiting here for new music that you will post.
    Bom domingo, honey, with beijos, queijos, music, joy and fun.


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)