Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Just a short post in between--lot of work to do, so I have no time for real writing. The last week and the following ones will be another challenge. Sometimes the job dominates private life. Although I cannot stand that situation, I have to deal with it. But getting up at 5.45am after a 6 hours sleep---horrible for me.
Well, many things you cannot change in life, they have to be accepted.
But I´m learning that I have to find ways to relax myself a bit and cool down after hard days.
Health comes first. Cool quote but not always easy to follow that rule.
Could do some workout, no time for that ;(
Just some music---hmm
I love that we can watch performances of the Metropolitan Opera live in cinemas here;)

One of my favorite operas-Bizet´s Carmen-cools you down when you sing along--bit exhausting;) and better than a workout today!

Enjoy your day and don´t let your job dominate you;) Lol


  1. That's right! Don't let work dominate you!
    I work 8 hours a day and when I get home... I still work! I have to do everything at home... everything! Ahahahahahaha
    Today I'm so tired... uff!
    I loved the videos that you posted, good to distract the... work!
    Have a delightful Wednesday... and don't forget to exercise your muscles! \o/ \o/
    I have walked 2 times a week at least.
    Beijos, queijos and music, honey!

  2. My job used to dominate my life - for 23 1/2 years!

    No more - I only work part-time now.

    Take care of yourself my friend and have a good weekend!

  3. Teca and Kala- Thanks for your comments and good wishes! I wish both of you a great weekend, too;) Enjoy it as much as possible!

  4. Welcome, honey!
    A big hug and a great weekend.
    Beijos e queijos.


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