Saturday, May 14, 2011

Austria Sings! Opening Ceremony Of Wiener Festwochen

In Vienna’s “Rathausplatz” (City Hall Square) and three other locations across the country, numerous Austrian choirs sang together yesterday, performing the “Ode to Joy” among other compositions. From these ensembles, the competition “Österreich singt” (Austrian Sings), which is organised by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF in co-operation with Wiener Festwochen and the Austrian Choral Association, selected the best of the best – and hence, those who will participate in the live inauguration event.(www.festwochen.at)

A cool event--and many friends and family-members watched the ceremony and sang together with "the rest of the country"--including me;))

Here some impressions, the first I found on youtube this morning. Maybe I´ll post some others later but I have to get prepared for a BBQ--positive stress;)

Enjoy your free time and listen to these fab choirs and realize the beautiful architecture--the City Hall and the Burgtheater behind the conductor!!!
And join the singing, you´ll find the text- Classical Karaoke:)
Let´s sing!

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  1. Very cool! A wonderful meeting!
    Must have been fun! :))
    Thanks for sharing...
    Good weekend, honey!
    Beijos, beijos, beijos... and love!


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