Sunday, May 8, 2011

Schönbrunn- on World Cultural Heritage List

Last week I went through the park of Schönbrunn- a cultural jewel of Vienna.  I have never seen so much wild garlic in the city before! I love it;) You can cook soup, make a "strudel", eat it with potatoes, make a spread, and so on .....it´s healthy as well. Although the smell is a bit- let´s say-needs getting used to.
Enjoy your virtual walk through Schönbrunn- and have a great day.


  1. What a wonderful place! Splendid!
    Thank you for sharing so much culture, honey.
    By the way, I love "apfelstrudel". It's very delicious, especially when still warm... :))
    Nham... nham...

    The photographs were amazing! Congratulations!

    Have a great week, dear.
    Beijos, queijos, flores and "strudel"! ^,^

  2. Hi Teca--I´m impressed that you know "apfelstrudel" and how to eat it as well!!
    I wasn´t sure whether the word "strudel" was known by anyone or not. Glad, you know it;) Have a great Monday, minha amiga-bom dia e beijos, queijos e apfelstrudel;)

  3. That carpet of white flowers blooming is gorgeous!

  4. Let me tell you: when I was younger, a friend of my oldest sister was the son of German and he taught my sister to make this delicious apple pie. He also gave her private lessons in German and sometimes I heard him speak different words... I loved the sound of "apfelstrudel". Even today I speak apple pie in German and not in Portuguese. :))
    It's delightful to speak a word "apfelstrudel"... and eat warm of course! ^,^

    My God, I have spoken so much!
    Beijos, beijos, beijos...

  5. Thanks, Kala;) Have a good one!

    Teca, the world is a small place , isn´t it? I loved that story about the Apfelstrudel;) Cool that your sister can bake it! Have a great day- bom dia minha amiga and lots of apfelstrudel, beijos, queijos, ......


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)