Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Second day in Amsterdam-an amazing city.Lovely small buildings and canals,...in the evening it´s so calm- the surroundings reminds me of a film-set, it´s a bit unreal.
It´s easy to differentiate between tourists and Dutchmen- the first wear caps, scarfs, gloves, boots- well, winter-wear. Natives just wear sneakers, sometimes rain boots, skirts,...don´t they feel cold? It´s winter! Cold, rainy...it´s really another culture. I knew they are a bicycle-nation, but I wasn´t aware of the fact that they use their bikes even in wintertime when the streets are icy and full of snow. I love riding my bike in spring and summer, but I wouldn´t use it during this season. But I´m in another country, not used to these customs.
Unfortunately I don´t have enough time to write because of sightseeing, but it´s a nice city. We have time enough to visit many museums because of the bad weather, that´s ok by me. We had some sunshine on Monday when we did the "Grachten"-tour by boat. But today´s weather was awful-wind, rain, bit of snow in between...but a good time for visiting museums.
We went to the Van Gogh museum which was all in all a bit disappointing-the whole new wing was closed. Then we saw paintings in the Rijksmuseum-some Rembrandt´s and his famous "Night-watch" -the largest painting in the whole building. Just 2 floors with paintings-that was all. Maybe I´m a little bit spoilt because I ´ve seen many great museums like my favorite the MMA, Louvre, .....I have to enjoy the present and don´t compare museums.
I saw a big American bookstore here, want to buy some books tomorrow. Some books from B.´s blog seem to be interesting ones.
Had to think of my parents when I heard the news about the bad weather in Cran Canaria. Streets flooded, mudstreams, uprooted palms...horrible pictures, hope they are ok and they make the best of their holidays there.

To my writing-K. wanted to know, when my draft is ready to be read. What a question! I wrote her about my aim. I want to start revising after my holidays, yes, I really want to and I really hope I will.
So that´s all for tonight
Goede nacht= good night;-)

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