Thursday, February 11, 2010

Highlight of the carneval season-the Viennese Opera Ball

Opening of the Viennese Opera Ball 2009- to get a sense how it is like-the Polonaise;-)--> worth seeing;-) unfortunately the commentators are talking the whole time,but that´s typical too.

Here you can find about the Ball´s history

Tonights Opera-Ball reminds me of my ball-openings- with long white dresses and cloves as well- but I didn´t attend this famous ball. Very famous, too expensive, too many TV-cameras, too many wannabees- all in all too many people and therefore nearly no space to dance.

And I love dancing! Love hearing music and moving/ dancing to the rhythms.During my teenage years I attended about 10 balls in Carnival season (Jannuary/February)... those days are gone;-( I didn´t attend any ball this year-and the year before.

I loved participating in dancing lessons, there I learned all Standard - and Latin-dances-after Bronce and Silver I earned the Gold-star, that is one dance badge you can receive after an exam as an amateur.

One year I also attended Flamenco-dancing-lessons with my sister- that was funny, interesting, but I love the Latin- and Standard-dances more. :-)))

I think I should start dancing again- I miss it sometimes. But at the moment I don´t have time.Better I want to spend my time on other things. But maybe one day......................

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