Friday, February 26, 2010


Too tired for reading, for writing, going out, ....too tired for everything at the moment-except music.It has been a hard week again, have to bring my car to the repairshop next week- again another unwanted thing to do...but my bumper has to be repaired, another driver didn´t realize, that I stopped before a cross-walk, so, the accident wasn´t my fault. Calming to know, but....... But noone was hurt, just the cars are a little bit damaged... had to think of my dad´s accident months ago- but his car was a total loss. But they are/were just cars, they are replaceable...
So I had luck , too. Not a good driving year for my family...

To change my mood I have to listen to some music-
here we go-

I love those 2- Domingo and Villazon with Denver´s "Perhaps love"- I had to sing a duett with a friend of mine during a concert- it was great! Well, in my youth I was a member of different choirs and I had many singing lessons in V. Was really a great time, somtimes I miss it as much as dancing, but I sing as often as possible, although without much training my vocal range is changing from mezzo -soprano to alto-voice...maybe I´ll sing tenor or bass voice one day:-)

Lehar´s "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz"- from the operetta "The Land of Smiles"- with the great A. Netrebko, P. Domingo and R. Villazon

Music really helps a lot to relax and calm down!


  1. I'm glad you're ok, despite the accident. Be careful! And love the new layout here, especially the photos at the top.

  2. thanks:-) I try to find an interesting layout-I´m on the way...


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