Sunday, February 28, 2010


Made some progress in my revisions-I ´ve finally found a new beginning for my MS!! I nearly gave up hope, because either I had no time and patience for writing or I got no new ideas.
The secret of my "success"- enough sleep and time;-)

...sounds easy, doesn´t it? But sometimes the easiest solutions are the most difficult ones to implement. Well , but this weekend I had enough time and calmness for writing:-) I really missed it. And after writing and reading for the next block, I have got a new idea for my MS. And that feels great!!!!Creativity is back again! I´ve to be careful with my enthusiasm, because it´s a long way to go-or write;-) And I only changed some sentences, ....but at least I changed something.

It´s fascinating, how a point of view , a mood can be changed with the help of some letters only. If they are ordered in the correct way, they make sense- it´s the same with music, there are just a few notes, but arranged in the right way, you´ll hear a great melody.

But what´s the right way to write, to compose? Is there really a norm for performing these artforms? Well, off course there exist rules, for writing as well as for composing. But beyond these rules everyone has the opportunity to create a special piece of art- his own.

Philosophical? Theatrical? How could I describe my thoughts during rereading the last paragraphs? Maybe it´s a bit too much, but I don´t care about my writing style today. I´m just happy about the progress in my writing-that´s my piece of today´s creativity- and that´s all.

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