Tuesday, February 9, 2010



My picture from the Rialto bridge in the Venice -guide;-) Funny.

Mum´s b-day- just in a few days - K. and I try to find the perfect Wok-recipe, we´ll cook together on Sunday, that will be funny as well. We did cook together but never before a Wok-dish. I have to smile thinking of that event;-) On Saturday I´ll bake her favorite cake-with cherries, chocolate,cream,..lot of work but worth doing it.
My mother always bakes cakes for everyone´s birthday or namesday-so of course she has to get her own on her birthday-no question.
I love birthdays-I like mine, but that´s not so important. Why do I love these special days?
I love to bring joy to somebody by baking a cake, preparing a meal, ...it´s a good possibility to give something back and show them how happy I am to share parts of my life with them-it sounds a bit kitschy, but it´s the truth.
I ´m just wondering if namesday is celebrated in many countries too.

Well, my job is making me tired-will stop writing for tonight.That´s a hard decision, ´cause I don´t want to. My heart says "Don´t do it, keep writing"- but my brain tells me to go to bed, to be able to stand up at 5.55. How I hate standing up so early! During my holidays we usually had breakfast at about 9 in the morning- how great was that! And I got so used to that rhythm.....well, o well,......can´t follow my heart.....but I am realizing that I am writing in a theatrical and kitschy way -so I better stop for now;-) Good night!

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