Monday, February 8, 2010

Frustrating? Demotivating?

How long will it take to receive ordered books??? Maybe the cargo-plains are always too full to carry these orders or the ocean is just too big to send books from one side to another, or maybe all responsible people went on holidays, or the books weren´t ordered 4 weeks ago,or,or, or.....

Sometimes, especially in these situations, it´s so hard to keep calm and think positively. I thought I could start reading the books for the next course (during Easter-vacation) this week, but no chance getting them .I hope we´ll get our books at the end of February......it´s so frustrating and I was looking forward to reading them this week.
Well, that´s life, I have to find some positive aspects in the given situation, but at the moment I can´t find any.

I need time to read books, time to write the pre-course- assignments, time for my job and I ´m afraid I have to hurry. I don´t like that kind of pressure, because it isn´t necessary. But, so what?

I know I´ll do it, write the assignments, read the books-have to keep that in mind.
I´m not a real optimist, so thinking positively is a challenge sometimes- and what a challenge!
Have to think of revising my novel- that´s another challenge;-) but a positive one.

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