Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back home!

Back home again! But it was an interesting trip to Amsterdam and I enjoyed my stay there. The first 2 days we had snow, rain, wind and hail on the third day we had a lot of sun and so suddenly all the snow was gone. Tulips everywhere... Did we miss the beginning of spring??? Many of the Dutch people started to wear T-shirts!!
This land is a paradise for all cheese-lovers world-wide! You can taste all kinds of cheese there!
Delicious! Especially the long aged -the old cheese. You can get it nearly everywhere. It´s eaten with mustard, cutted in cubes and it´s really good. I had to take some old cheese with me for my family.
The architecture there fascinated me. All the houses had different gables, wonderful old doors and all of the old buildings were renovated- it was great to walk through the small streets, near the canals even at night.
We had luck with our hotel, a small, old one in the Herengracht-near a canal. It wasn´t a touristy area at night, so we could enjoy a quiet walk there. Although I like to travel and see the different sights in a country, I don´t like all touristy things. In Amsterdam I didn´t like the famous Red-light district- it´s embarrasing to see women standing nearly naked behind big windows waiting for a customer- such an inhuman "business"...
But all in all it was a nice trip and we saw a lot.

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