Friday, September 17, 2010


...my weekend. Full of writing, reading and practicing an instrument.Another b-day tomorrow-and S+R wanted to play some songs for D. Trumpet, accordion and...? Which instrument does fit to these two ? Organ? No, won´t hear the accordion. Flute will be not loud enough besides the trumpet...Guitar. Think , that´s the best choice--and I don´t have to practice a lot therefore:-)
My time management at the moment isn ´t the best- have to improve it. Need to do it. At the moment I have no idea how I wrote a novel, some assignments for the course besides my daily work -at the same time- nearly a year ago. I´m stuck in my writing,..... Makes me worry a bit. A bit? Just a bit? lol
Have to overcome my fears and do what needs to be done.
Well, time to think in a more positive way. So, have to get my guitar.
Music-corner: heavy mixture of genres...but take a break and enjoy it.
Life is a Highway-rascal Flatts
Johann Pachelbel Canon in D Major

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