Thursday, September 23, 2010

Life is Funny.

What a statement. Just came to my mind, because I´ve started to read a banned book called "Life is Funny" by E.R.Frank. It ´s a well written book with realistic characters, and the MCs have to deal with real teenager problems...all I can say at the moment.

Life is funny, sometimes. Hopefully very often in our lives.

It hasn´t been funny to hear about banned books.I was not used to banned book lists, banned book weeks, banned book clubs,... in my homecountry.
But now I appreciate having read books at school which are banned in other countries. Unfortunately, not every person has the freedom to read everything. So, to celebrate the freedom to read-check out my link to banned book week on the right:-)
Be brave and read a dangerous book and tell me about it:-)

So, as a fighter against censorships I think, I have done today´s job.

Back to some other fights.
Life isn´t funny all the time, we all are familiar with that reality.
But sometimes there are many times, when you need to fight. OK, right, it´s called life;-)
I like the photo on the top- reminds me to push myself. Not always easy.

My time-management? Horrible at the moment...
Need a 48 hours day! Maybe Harry Potter could help me...
Enough moaning and dreaming, it´s time to act and face reality.
I just need a working daily schedule, I need more discipline, positive thinking,I need to....
I love to write these self motivating sentences but now I have to
do what I´m writing about.

But that´s another chapter...

So, readers and writers, fight for your books!
...and enjoy reading a banned book or writing a new one!
But simply, enjoy your lives and have a great weekend!

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