Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waiting for...

The T-shirt quote in the middle inspired me to write today after waiting for a call;)
So, what are you waiting for?

Waiting for
 ...the perfect shot

...the perfect scenery

...the perfect BBQ

...the perfect cloud-formation

...the  perfect one

...the perfect weather

...the perfect house

...the perfect adventure trip

...the perfect catch

...the perfect unhealthy dinner

 I can wait for everything
I can wait for the perfect life,...but it´s better to enjoy living now!
Have a great day and enjoy all the good things around you!
Maybe it´s talk with friends, a song in the radio, a juicy apple, a smile or the smell of a flower
Nothing has to be perfect to bring you pleasure:)

Music-corner: Just a perfect day


  1. haha. yeah i've been waiting for him all my life!

  2. I'm waiting so... waiting to the thing will come true in February... I'm very anxious... but I'm not just waiting... I do so many good things while waiting... waiting for a nice "unexpected" moment.
    A great post, honey! Loved it! Thank you!!!
    You're especial, amiga querida. :))
    Beijos e queijos, flores, cores e amores!
    Have a nice weekend.


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