Friday, September 16, 2011

Time Lapse

Oh, , I love time lapses!!
One is able to see so much in such a short time- impressing, isn´t it?
On the one hand it´s a great method for saving time and seeing a lot;) On the other hand it´s a disturbing experience--time is flying too fast, there isn´t place for relaxation, patience, inner silence...
although I love to watch this time lapse, I´d prefer walking along the lake, taking some pictures or
sitting on the rocks....beautiful;)
But the rose time lapse is great, too. Wish you a great weekend, my friends.
(Unfortunately I cannot post comments at the moment;(( so sorry!)
But thanks for all your kind comments;))


  1. Hi, honey, good to see you here! :))
    Wonderful videos that you left us, especially the rose. It's very beautiful to see the blossoming of the queen of flowers.
    Thanks for the great gift of the weekend.
    You're truly special.
    Have a wonderful weekend with yours.
    Beijos e queijos with flowers and love.

  2. Beautiful watching the rose buds opening up!

  3. Welcome back. It's nice to have these video and word moments again - I've missed them.


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