Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trying to do the impossible

I decided to write a bit more at the end of the novel. It felt so incomplete, and I was so unsatisfied with the ending. I have started to find the perfect end for that story, although this will /might be a neverending process, a never-ending story.
I am very aware of my writing abilities- so , there isn´t such a thing as the perfect ending (in my case)
I won´t find it. I have to stop trying this.

Noone is perfect. Right. Interestingly, I try to write a perfect story-knowing, I cannot do it anyway.
So, why am I setting myself such high aims? To torture myself?

I just want to entertain my readers- my fam and some friends.
This knowledge, the knowledge of having a real audience, motivates me more than I have ever thought of.
My draft is just the end result of fun and hard work.
At the moment I don´t care about the fact that all the hard trying to find a perfect ending won´t lead to a published versíon.

Some people said to me that it makes no sense writing a novel without being published. I can understand their way of thinking, but I write for fun, for me and for a handful of people. These persons are important for me and their opinion, their feedback means a lot to me.
So I can improve my writing and next year I´ll write another novel that they  can enjoy,hopefully.

Yesterday, Eli Ross posted a quote, I really like-
""Your fans and friends think your books are great, no matter what anyone else says."
So, because of my own satisfaction and fun and my small  but real audience, I try to do my best to revise the draft as good as possible.
Even one of them enjoys reading a single quote-I´ll be really happy about it.

Enjoy your hobbies out there, and try to do the impossible, if necessary. Have fun and a good start in the week.


  1. I loved everything you said here!
    A boost to anyone who wants to do what really love, even as a hobby.
    You're outstanding, my friend!
    I believe in your talent! And mine too! :))
    Thanks for being here.
    A lovely week, honey.
    Many beijos! Of course, and many, many queijos with tea to warm my heart!
    Love. ^,^

  2. The song is cool, isn´t it?;)..and thanks for your encouraging words for both of us;)

  3. Thanks, Kala;) Have a nice week in the cold North!


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