Sunday, October 17, 2010

The matter of how you see something

You can see the world in 2 different ways-negative or positive. It´s up to you to decide, whether your glass of tea is half empty or half full...no breath-taking news, but everlasting truths.

Although I tend to see the world sometimes a bit too dark, I force myself and my friends to see the light, even on a grey, misty day in October...

Rain and fog outside, right weather to write inside, but not as easy as I want it to be. Couldn´t find a fitting start, so I just began somewhere in the middle...  but it really was time to start.

NaNoWriMo´ll start soon.
First I´ve thought, I could handle the job, the assignment and the novel at the same time , like last year. But I agree with Eli Ross, NaNoWriMo  is different this time. I´m not quite sure, how and if I get it done this year. (although I´ve just found out, that R. added me as writing buddy:-), that´s motivating, too..) I´ll see.
Maybe I´ll just change some letters and participate on AsWriMo;-) (= Assignment Writing Month)

The 2 photos are too depressing, have to add another one--

-happy Sunday:-)


  1. Ah ... I sometimes get sad, depressed as the first 2 photos ... but that's part. Nobody is happy all the time. The important thing is not to be swayed to the bottom.
    At most, I love all three photos. All your words.
    And leave you a warm hug.
    Best wishes.
    And my love.

  2. Teca, I completely agree with you. And after a challenging period you´ll appreciate the happier times even more than before

  3. Hi mARTY,
    thanks for visiting my self-indulgent poetry blog. It's a bit of fun I enjoy very much. My main blog is Friko's Musings, where I write 'proper' articles and essays.

    How come your German is so good?

    As for looking at the world, my preference is definitely for the half empty glass. I enjoy melancholia, it is such a wonderfully satisfying feeling.
    More self-indulgence, in fact.

  4. I didn't see the first two photos as depressing. How can flowers be depressing?

  5. Friko, my mother tongue is German, that´s the secret;-)
    You enjoy melancholia? Really?
    I can´t see it as a "wonderfully satisfying feeling". To be honest, I hate being in that mood.

    Eli, I thought about your question and I tried to see my photos in a more positive way;-)Right, flowers aren´t depressing, I love them --but I didn´t like the colors of the pics, the grey sky and the dead flower. (Just saw the half-empty glass, thanks for pointing me to the gifts of nature)


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)